Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Around the houses

A combination of visits taking in a brief stop on my travels to Blackpool and a wander round the derelict back streets of Glastonbury. Film was Ilford Delta 100 and lens was either Pentax 105mm f2.4 or 55mm f4.

First up Blackpool front. I'm still in the habit of shooting into the sun. I think it's a feeling of getting more contrast and not trusting the film or my sight. I've learn since then.

Probably the best one?

Now we're back in Glastonbury wandering along Beckery Old Road. A derelict part of Glastonbury but full of interest for B&W photography. My sort of stuff.

Scanning sequence is a bit out here as we zip over to the levels and a default spot when I can't think of anywhere to go. Tealham Moore and a couple of double exposures.

And we're back along Beckery Old Road again

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

From Door to door (film)


First of the film stuff! Yes we've gone all hipster and trendy and retro and renaissance and all that. No fancying about with weedy little 35mm we're going for the big stuff. And I mean BIG stuff. Medium Format 6x7 stuff using a beautiful Pentax 67ii with a rather nice selection of lenses. Now I've been patiently seeing this one under my hat for quite a while but finally I'm going to throw it out the window and see if it flies.
To start with we're going back in time a bit. 2015 to be exact. Down at Durdle Door then Belton House and finally Tattershall House. Lovely places. Now to explain these were scanned a while ago and weren't done correctly but I'm not doing them again. First of a regular post I hope. They get better I promise but you'll have to wait and see.



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